by meganeko

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Splash Just amazing. I'm in love with this entire album. Each song has such a unique, intricate atmosphere; the experience of listening to this album is truly like a trip to the farthest reaches of the universe. Thank you, Meganeko, for creating some of the most incredible stuff to ever grace my poor, sublunary ears. ❤️ Favorite track: Pyroclastic Horizon.
Nicholas Dyson
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Nicholas Dyson Every time. Every single Meganeko release since Robot Language, I see it in my feed and say: "it can't be better than the last one. Meganeko has already created the perfect music. There is nowhere to go from there, right?" And every single time I'm wrong, and I have to rethink my ideas of just how good music can become. Favorite track: Feral.
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takumibb Nascens is still my favourite meganeko release, but this one is a masterpiece in its own right. It's an album with so many different personalities, it completely defies the standards to meganeko's sound. I love it. Favorite track: Ninox.
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Fly low Eyes closed Time slows Dive, flow
Set it on fire I'm the glitch in the code Rock 'n roll Here we go Neo Tokyo is about to E.X.P.L.O.D.E.
Cold and bright Reveal the night Before we start again Your sky will shimmer in delight for me At the end of time Stay awake to see The path beyond our home A million skies and oceans In colours unlike our own And we can go together Or fade away alone Stay awake to see The path beyond our home A million skies and oceans In colours unlike our own And we will go further Or ever stay unknown


Eclipse is a celebration of space exploration and an ode to the endless mysteries of the universe. I've aimed to make a loud and dramatic album that also respects silence and momentum. Most of these songs have a different flavour than my usual sounds and I feel that I've worked through some insecurities and grown in confidence in regards to what meganeko can be.

Thanks for the patience. I hope you enjoy. ❤

/ Tom

P.S. Feel free to use the tracks from this album for youtube, live streaming and fan-made content like remixes or custom levels in games.


released February 18, 2020

Produced, recorded and mixed by meganeko

Mastered by Plec at The Panic Room

Artwork by Stuart Lippincott

Motion graphics by Catlinman

Maria Grigoryeva - Violin on Monolith
Amelia Almgren - Vocals on Monolith
Yoed Nir - Cello on Megalith
Morgan Ågren - Drum fill on Earth (sampled with permission)


all rights reserved


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